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About CBM Hydraulics

      CBM Hydraulics, formerly known as Kool Aid Hydraulics, is now officially on the Internet with a new web site so that the world can view our products and make purchases a lot easier. What was once a dream has become a reality. After years of other low rider shops doing the service and work on the owner Chris of CBM Hydraulics vehicles is what drove him to open his own business because of not getting the service or parts that he was looking for. Some of the best hydraulic technicians in the state of California is here to sale you top quality parts for your vehicle. CBM Hydraulics has been in business for over eight years and now going stronger than it has ever done. The owner Chris, has been into the low riding scene for many years now and has become one if the biggest distributers for low riding vehicles in the state of California. All parts are high quality materials that stand out from the competition. We keep a full inventory of replaceable parts that are available to the open public. The store is open six days a week, Monday to Saturday. On certain occasions we are in a position to deliver the parts at the right time and location depending on where you are located. Our prices are very affordable compared to the other hydraulic parts businesses.

      Now that the name of the company has made a big impact on the low riding scene, things are just not the same. They are the new kids on the block. Most car shows and events that has a hopping competition is where you will find the CBM Hydraulics crew in the pits making a vehicle hop beyond the average reach of most vehicles that are taking place at the shows. This hydraulic company has established such a reputation that cannot be matched in most cases. The mission for this company is to success at a level that many will not reach. Quality parts and experienced with technical issues for your convenience. We like to say thanks for your business and visiting CBM Hydraulics.

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